Lo Specchio Circolare

by Transmontane

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Lo Spechio Circolare translates to "the circular mirror" in Italian, which is quite appropriate as a title for this collection of 12 songs by Transmontane (AKA Ryan Duncan from Chicago), for the lyrics and the mood on this debut record tend to be reflective in nature. The mood here is introspective, but at the same time it points toward certain elements of the soul that are universal. There is definitely a tone of desperation present, but it does not arrive without an underlying vibration of hope as its constant companion. As profound as our desires may be, when salvation seems to be a million miles away, we must always remember, that at the root of our existence is an eternal wellspring of hope, a fundamental love that exists within us and can never be broken.

These simple, honest songs are simply one man’s attempt to reflect this light back out into the world at large. Look into them, and perhaps you might find your own voice.

This release is presented in a limited edition of 500 vinyl LP records that include a CD and a set of photo card inserts.


released February 8, 2011

Recorded by Paride Lanciani at Oxygen Studios, Verzuolo, Italy, July 2010

Mastered by Jason Ward, Chicago Mastering Service, Chicago, IL, Sept. 2010



all rights reserved


Transmontane Chicago, Illinois

This path we choose, the high road, the hard road. Transmontane. Across the mountains. We see the universe from many different viewpoints, peaks and valleys. The ascent and the descent. Looking up, looking down. Moments of contemplation and moments of struggle. The journey continues... ... more


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Track Name: Sugar
Skin like sweetness baby
You're gonna die some day
Skin like sweetness baby
You're gonna die some day

Give me some of that sugar
Before you roll on your way

Heart like hardness baby
You make the grown men pay
Heart like hardness baby
Make the grown men pay

Remember you're just a baby
As you roll on your way
Track Name: Unfinished Breakfast
No need to speak
We just sit there in silence
Consider the ashes
Of an unfinished breakfast

In a world that's a put on
The only honest thing I've ever done
Is watch you sleep

Your life
A glowing ember
Memories are ashes

My mind
It is on fire
All I see are ashes

I wish I was a better son
I wish I was a better man
For all I am now is bitter
And the taste of these ashes
Crowd my mouth
Track Name: The Embrace
When the days are dark
And you feel yourself fading
Don't lose focus

I'll be right here
Right by your side
Reach out your hand
Don't be afraid
To let me take it

Your lonely heart could use a rest
Let me hold it
For just a moment
Would you let me hold it
For just a moment

Nearer thou art
To thy god thou art
And this time
This love will be
Track Name: Passive Voice
In this house there is a shadow
There is a silence hardly a sound

Almost, not quite

You can sit here forever
Wringing your hands
There's no resolution
Hardly a chance

Almost, not quite

Son You better find your way
You better find your voice
Before it's too late

Almost, not quite

Why can't I say

Almost, not quiet
Almost, not quite
Track Name: Hang On
You dumped your purse out on the floor
Lined your pills up on the table
You wanted out
You were not able

So you called me on the phone
We sat and talked for a little while
I cracked your shell
Made you laugh
A laugh worth everything

Things will get easier I swear
We're on our way
Life doesn't have to be so hard, my dear
Mark these words that I say
Hang on to every lame cliche
Track Name: Oh, Be Joyful!
The Music's playing
I've been drinking
Take a moment
And start to thinking
It's night like these, I wish were never ending
It's like I've seen a little piece of heaven

Well I know time can pull us separate ways
We might not have a future
So let's live it up today
Oh, be joyful!

And when I'm gone, your heart might be aching
But not for long, you'll never be forsaken
Lean on your friends
They'll be there waiting for you
Oh, be joyful!

For there is beauty and there's sorrow
And what you hold today
Might not be around tomorrow
Track Name: First Love Song
In the dark
This moment is paralyzed
Different points of the future
Numerous, volatile, immense
Far away as the stars
Far away as your heart

In the dark
I know your shape
In the dark I know
Your body's shape
An emotion
An aroma that carries weight

In the dark we are more than men
We are the absence of dark
Track Name: Hold Your Tongue
And from outside, A million prying eyes
They want to see you crumble
They want to see you fail
Sometimes you might stumble
but in the end you will prevail

Hold your tongue just like they told you
Hold your soul and don't you ever let it go
Close your eyes, I'll tell you when it's over
Hold me close I swear I'll never let you go

And then there's time, It is an endless line
The more we fight, the more we fall behind
But when you meet your maker
What are you going to say?
The charlatans and fakers
Your eyes always give you away

Hold your tongue just like they told you
Hold your soul and don't you ever let it go
Close your eyes, I'll be there when it's over
Hold me close I swear I'll never let you go
Track Name: UFOs
The street lights coming on
Like rows of UFOs
And every day you're in this place
Desperation grows

But somehow
Right now
It hasn't crossed your mind

Standing here in dusk's half-light
It's alright
Track Name: Royal Scruff
A wish that I wasn't here
I feel as thin and slight as air
The distance grants you comfort
Silence grands us peace
Now that it's all over
My Love, you've been released

You once were beholden
I wonder who will be holding you now

You were my beholden
But now our bed is cold
Track Name: Midnight
Midnight has come and gone
You're out cold with the television on
A shadow drifting back and forth across the floor

You said you'd like to sleep on it
I guess that's OK
'Cause you've been sleeping all the time
But how do you expect to put your hands on it?

Is that the writing on the wall?
Can you even tell anymore?
You've been ignoring it for so long...
Track Name: RWS
There's a river that runs between us
There are whispers floating among us
There are secrets in the air
Don't ask me why

There are mountains on the horizon
A pair I've always kept my eyes on
Someday I'm going there
Don't ask me when/where

And on my dying day
My soul will rise above
On my dying day
Don't forget my love